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Versioning Change

In Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads API, the version will be upgraded 3 or 4 times a year in order to add new functions or to fix bugs.
The period of versioning up may be changed every year.

After we release new version, we will state support ending date of old version.

If version up is held, the previous version will be supported for a certain period.
Continue using the same service will not be possible if not correspond to new application by the end date.

We recommend that you upgrade the latest version as soon as possible after release of the new version.

Please confirm from Announcement regarding the release of the new version.

Types of version up

Required actions when upgrading is as below.
Please confirm from Release Notes in GitHub regarding the technical content of the new version.

Types of Version Up Required Actions
Vyyyymm -> VYYYYMM
Need to adapt your application to new version before previous version support is terminated. Termination date shall be announced separately.
If your application cannot comply with the new version, you may fail to use the service.
A new version will require new URLs, WSDLs, end-points, and a new namespace.

(Example 1) Sponsored Search API V201808
The following examples show how the URLs for the AccountService change during a new version release.





(Example 2) YDN API V201812




Release Information for New Version

We will inform the version update information, including the sandbox, to your registered contact person. The version update information can be confirmed on Developer Center.
If new version is going to release the sandbox first, reference of the new version will be available in Download page from Developer Center. After the production release, the reference will be available in GitHub.

Schedule of release and sunset

The release date, sunset date and end of life date for each version, please refer from GitHub.

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