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Sandbox is a test environment to use for development of applications.
Please note that specifications may change without notice.
Also, partial specifications differ to production.

Usage procedure

1. Login to API management console.
 Access to URL below and login by using Yahoo! JAPAN Business ID.
 * API management console is also can access from Business Manager site.

2. Set the password of API account.
 Create password of Sandbox API account from API management console.
 You can now access to Sandbox using created password with API account ID and license we have granted to you.
 * For details of API management console operation, please refer from "Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads API Management Console User's Guide"

Regarding authentication information and access

To access to Sandbox, set the authentication information to SOAP request header.

apiAccountID An API Account ID issued by Yahoo! JAPAN for sandbox of API system authentication.
Please input in "xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx" form.
apiAccountPassword A password set by the user with the API management tool for an API Account ID.
license A license number issued by Yahoo! JAPAN.
Please input in "xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx" form.

Setting of Sandbox

Sandbox already have the settings below.

Editorial Review
In disapproval keyword, there are disapproved keyword that are already set in Sandbox.
By entering the disapproved keyword, PRE_DISAPPROVED will return in ApprovalStatus entity.
Other keywords will return APPROVED.

Sponsored Search API AdGroupAdService
YDN API AdGroupAdService
Disapproval keyword of Sponsored Search
PatternDisapproval keyword of YDN
Text Ads マルチ商法
Text ads and image ads Phrase "画像NG" included in headline/description/description2
Image ads (Image review only) Phrase "NG_" included in beginning of media name
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