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*Retrieving a location is required only for Sponsored Search API V201808.

Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads accounts are distributed across various co-location.
When you sign up, your account is assigned to one of these co-location.
When sending an API request, you must include the URL that identifies the co-location your account is assigned to.
Request with setting the location information on URL header (domain part)

To retrieve and operate the location information by using the Service

1. Use the LocationService to retrieve the location information of specific account.
 To send the request, use the main URL written in WSDL of LocationService.

2. Set the retrieved location information and request the service.
 Send a request using the local URL.
 To create local URL, combination of URL header with current version and specific service name are necessary.
 Please use LocationService, to retrieve URL header of co-location, which is given to each account.

Notes on retrieving location information

There is no exact expiration date/time of location information.
However, the information does not change frequently, so please retrieve the information again after the location becomes invalid.

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