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Glossary of the words used in this site.

Sponsored Search API API used for Sponsored Search ads management.
YDN API API used for Yahoo! JAPAN Display Ad Network ads management.
License Key License number based on the contract to use API.
The license key information is required for authentication when accessing the API system.
Yahoo! JAPAN will send you the key after the conclusion of the contract.
API Account ID Authentication ID to access the API system.
Yahoo! JAPAN will send you after the conclusion of the contract.
Two types of API accounts will be issued: Sandbox and Production.
Cannot use the Sandbox API accounts for Production purposes, and vice versa.
Application Account An application account refers to an authorization account dedicated to API access.
It is required only for third party tools as an account operation management purpose.
ID can be issued by Yahoo! JAPAN Business Center administrators, one ID per account.
Yahoo! JAPAN Business Center Tool used to access the API Management Console.
Access is possible by using Yahoo! JAPAN Business ID.
Production Production environment of application.
Sandbox Testing and Development environment of application.
Authentication The license, apiAccountID, and apiAccountPassword are basic authentication must be included for API requests.
On Behalf of Access An account that advertisers should create for the third party (onBehalfOfAccountId).
Advertisers also have to give the ID only to the third party that are necessary to authorize the required work.
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