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Application Account

Application account is authentication account for Third party tool to make an access to other companies' account by API access.
Application account will be created by advertisers or agency who operates their own account.
If there will be no access from Third party tool, Application account will not be necessary.

Usage example when application account is necessary
When operating on behalf of advertisers account that another company operates.
Other examples for using application account are as follows:
・Sales of auto bidding tools to other companies

Cooperating with advertisers and/or agency
Created application account and password have to be sent by advertiser or agency who manage the account.

Setting application account of Production
Application account have to be created by the end user of Third party tool (Advertiser or Agency) using Campaign Management Tool.
For a service provider, please request to end user to create their Application account.
Please refer to the help page below to create Application Account.
・Sponsored Search: Application Account Setup
・Yahoo! JAPAN Display Ad Network: Application Account

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