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API Usage Guideline

Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads Guideline (Guideline) is designed to maintain the business environment of the companies who use Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads API service and the environment of the usage for end users who use the products and service developed by API.
Guideline prescribes the rules that users of Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads API service have to preserve.
We may enforce you to cancel of Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads API service if we find that you violate the rules.
Please make sure the Terms of Use also for using Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads API service.
Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads API Terms of Use

Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads API service

Confidential Information
All of the information contains API License information, such as API Account ID, is considered as Yahoo! JAPAN confidential information.
However, the information provided at Developer Center is not confidential.
If you plan to delegate the development, we prohibit you from providing the credential information of API User Portal and API Management Console to enable your third party to access the information provided in the service of Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads API directly.
When you decide to delegate the development, please change API Account ID and password after delivery of the application.

Contact Personnel
Please provide us the contact information that Yahoo! JAPAN representative can provide the information, such as product update, maintenance, and other important announcements flawlessly.
Once we provide you the format, please fill out the information and return to us.
You may not be allowed to register personnel who is not a user of Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads API service.
We cannot take contacts from the personnel who are not registered.
Once the contact personnel is changed, please inform us immediately.

Changes of Corporate Information and Contractor
If there is a change in company information or contracted by business transfer or acquisition, you must inform our API representative immediately.
In some cases on business transfer, you may not be able to use API service continuously.

Suspension and Cancellation of API Use
If you would like to suspend or cancel the use of API service, please inform API our representative immediately.

API Abuse by Third Party
If you see API abuse of license or authentication information by the third party, please inform our API representative immediately.
To prevent the recurrence, please contact local police office.

Provision as White Label
We prohibit from proving products or services produced with Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads API service that other companies rebrands to make it appear as if they made it.

API Implementation

Log information of SOAP
Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads API service uses SOAP, XML-based protocol.
For technical support, you are required to send us SOAP request and response.
Please design and implement to get and save SOAP request and response as a log information.

Prohibit Secondary Use of data
You are allowed to use the data retrieved by using API in your application under your responsibility.
If the function or method is designed for a purpose of data transfer, Yahoo! JAPAN may suspend your use of API service.

Implement Application
You are allowed to implement Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads API service only on the application owned by your company and is developed by a subcontractor.
You are not allowed to implement Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads API service on the application which is not your property without Yahoo! JAPAN's permission.

System Load Control
Yahoo! JAPAN keeps monitoring the usage of API service.
We prohibit the excessive load of using API regardless functions, such as, bid and ad submission.
To violate daily quota, the frequency of access and other restrictions is considered as an excessive load.
Your auto function must have the function to control the restrictions.
Thus we may suspend API use regardless application bug or your intention based on our judgment if necessary.

Reverse Engineering
We may consider a request via API service as reverse engineering if the request performs with excessive frequency by using auto functions.
Thus we may suspend API use without notice based on our judgment.

Restriction of API Functionality
If you provide API with the function which enables to access by external application or external service directly, we may consider as data transfer or sublicensing.
Regardless of implementation with or without encryption, we prohibit providing the installable application preloading the license information to external without our permission.

If we designate you to improve your function and implementation, please comply with our instruction.
If you do not make any improvement, we may terminate your license of Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads API service.

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