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Q: What kind of technical support we will have?
A: We offer the support below:
- Inquiry in interface level
- Questions on API Specification
- Trouble that is a cause from Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads API

*However, we do not offer the support below:
- Specification of Yahoo! Promotional Ads (As for inquiries related to Yahoo! Promotional Ads, please contact us through the special form)
- Inquiry about source code
- Inquiry that comes from specific language
- Trouble that is a cause from install environment and/or server network
- Behavior of sample program
- Customization of sample program

Q: Does Yahoo! JAPAN provide testing environment?
A: Yahoo! JAPAN provides Sandbox for your development.

Q: Does Yahoo! JAPAN provide client library?
A: No, we currently does not provide any of these services.

Q: Can we ask Yahoo! JAPAN to check the source code which we developed?
A: Yahoo!JAPAN will not provide the support regarding Programming Language and client library by third parties.

Q: Where can we find the information about Sponsored Search or Yahoo! JAPAN Display Ad Network?
A: Please use Yahoo! JAPAN Marketing Solutions Help for details.

Q: Which encoding is Yahoo! JAPAN supporting?
A: UTF-8.

Q: Which time zone will be applied?
A: Japan local time (JST).

Q: Can we select the currencies?
A: You can select only Japanese Yen.

Q: Why do we need to set a person in charge?
A: It is because he/she will be the one who asks questions or go through necessary procedures.

Q: What should we consider in choosing the person in charge?
A: Please assign the person who is in the main department of your system and/or service implemented to Promotional Ads API.
Person in charge have to belong to the company that will use Promotional Ads API
For any questions/comments, please have the person in charge to ask us from Inquiry page.

Q: What should we consider in applying the email address?
A: Please apply the email address that can reliably receive the information from us.
Also, the applied email address may receive information that is confidential.
So please avoid that is free email, address domain that does not relate to your company, and/or email address that includes the member from other company.

Q: SOAP error has occurred. What should we do?
A: Please confirm the error code from API Reference (GitHub).
If it does not solve the issue, please inform us using Inquiry page including information below.
- Details of issue
- Version of Sponsored Search API/YDN API
- Environment (Production/Sandbox)
- Endpoint/Service used
- Time occurred (in details) and timezone /How frequent (sometime/always)
- SOAP information (Request/Response)
- CSV files, if issue relate to report

Q:Can I offer a regular meeting for the API service?
A:We are sorry, but we do not accept a regular meeting for this service.

Q: Where can we find the information on API system related issues?
A: Please look at Announcement page for API information regarding the issues.

Q: Where can we find the information of Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads
A: Please visit Yahoo! JAPAN Marketing Solutions page for details.

Q: Which features are implemented on the sample program? Which page I can download from?
A: The sample program will provide you the location information and the basics of each entity (such as campaign, ad group, ad, keyword and negative keyword)
The sample program is downloadable from the page on GitHub.

Q: How can we ask for support when the sample program does not run properly?
A: The sample program is provided for customers reference on application development.
It is out of our support service in general since the version of library and user environment may cause several issues. Thank you for your understanding.

Q: How can we reset the API account? We forgot the password.
A: You can reset the password by using API management console.
Please note that you need to login with a Yahoo! JAPAN Business ID with administrator role to reset your account.

Q: Can we get a support in editing ads?
A: We do not support in editing certain accounts' entity data.

Q: We are business tool provider. How can we make sure whether the account is OLS account or not?
A: Please ask the end user of the tool you provide.

Q: How is the language determined in English or Japanese in the notification email?
A: It is linked by the language setting at the time of Yahoo! JAPAN Business ID registration.
Email will be sent in the language you set.

Q: How do we change the API authorization to other member?
A: You can change, add, delete the authorization from Yahoo! JAPAN Business Center.
Please refer to this page (Japanese Only) for details.

Q: How do we change the company information?
A: You can change the information from Yahoo! JAPAN Business Center.
Please refer to this page (Japanese Only) for details.

Q: I would like to receive (or unsubscribe) notification emails, what kind of procedures do I need to do?
A: You can specify the setting in Promotional Ads API Email setting.

Q: We want our development outsourcing company to contact your support representative.
A: We can not accept inquiries from anyone other than the person in charge.

Q: I can't access API. Is it because I have not utilized the API for a while?
A: If there is no access to the system for a long time, we terminate the API contract based on the Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads API Agreement. New subscription is required in order to use API again.

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