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Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads API


Q: Who can apply for Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads API service?
A: Only Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads official agencies and service providers can apply.
After you apply for the service, Yahoo! JAPAN will do the application review.

Q: Why cannot I access the API management console from Yahoo! JAPAN Business manager?
A: API management console can be accessed with Yahoo! JAPAN Business ID authorized with administrator and/or user role.
Please confirm the role set to your Yahoo! JAPAN Business ID.

Q: We do not know the Yahoo! JAPAN Business ID.
A: Please confirm the ID from the mail we have sent you when applied for Promotional Ads API.

Q: Can I let others use my API account ID?
A: You can not lend the API account ID to other companies.
However, it is possible to share authentication information for the sake of outsourcing development.

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