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General Spec


Q: Where can I find the latest update of the Promotional Ads API?
A: You can find it on the Announcement page.

Q: Where can I find the technical specification of Sponsored Search and YDN API?
A: You can find it in API reference(GitHub).

Q: Where can I check my API account/password?
A: You can confirm it on API Management Console.

Q: Do we have to retrieve location by LocationService every time we make a call?
A: It is not necessary to request the location every time, but we recommend you to retrieve location when you retrieve a location related error.
*Retrieving a location is required only for Sponsored Search API V201808.

Q: What is the maximum number of operands or pagings per request?
A: Refer to "Value Constraints" in API reference(GitHub).
Sponsored Search

Q: I got an error : "0001: Invalid request".
A: The cause of this error varies. The chances are that it is a syntax violation of the SOAP message.
Make sure the followings are fulfilled.
- Specified namespace is set for each element.
- Parameters are in order.
- Tag structure is right.
- The name of the parameter is properly set.

Q: We get errors on the data which has "inherited" on API reference in GitHub.
A: You may have forgotten or incorrectly set XML Schema-instance.
In SOAP Envelope, please make sure that you add "xmlns:xsi=""

Q: Does it work if I apply tracking parameters(Sponsored Search) onto YDN?
A: No it doesn't. Tracking parameters(Sponsored Search) is completely different from the ones in YDN. Refer to API reference(GitHub).


Q: Why do I get the error message when I specify an product type (adProductType) in YDN API?
A: Available adProductType differs for each account.
If you specify an unavailable adProductType, you will receive the error message.
Please confirm the each available adProductType by using AccountAdProductService.

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