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Q: Who issues the application account?
A: Application account will be issued by the administrator of the account.
Yahoo! JAPAN does not support the service of issuing and providing the application account.

Q: Is it possible to ask issuing multiple application account IDs?
A: No, it's not possible.
One account ID per enviornment (Production/Sandbox) is issued.

Q: API authentication process fails.
A: Please check if you set the license key, API Account ID, and the password correctly.
Authentication will fail in the following cases:
- Putting license key instead of API account ID by mistake
- Using sandbox key for the production key
- Entering the application account ID and password incorrectly when using on behalf of access
If you still cannot solve the issue, please send us SOAP request and response in XML format from Inquiry page.

Q: Some of my accounts are not accessible via API.
A: You can only access accounts that can be referenced by Yahoo! JAPAN Business ID. You do not have accessibility to accounts that are not visible when you log in.

Q: How do I know if I need Application Account?
A: If you manage your own account, you do not have to issue Application Account.
If you are the tool provider, application account is required to access Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads account.

Q: Is it possible for those who have License Type of either Advertiser or Agency to utilize On-Behalf-Of authentication?
A: No, On-Behalf-Of authentication is unavailable for those.

Q: User ID and password are required for Sandbox?
A: API account ID and password for Sandbox are required.
You can see your license information on License Notification or API Management Console.

Please check if you set the license key, API Account ID, and the password correctly.Authentication will fail in the following cases:

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