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Q: What is Sandbox?
A: Sandbox is a test environment for application development.
Sandbox is completely separated from Production environment and the campaign data created in the Sandbox will never reflect in Production environment.
It will also allow you to check the operation and debug before the production release.

Q: Can we have multiple Application accont for Sandbox?
A: No, you cannot.
Application account for Sandbox will be issued only one per Sandbox API Account.

Q: Which Services are supported in Sandbox?
A: All services are available, but some services have some restriction.
Please confirm Sandbox page for details.

Q: Which account can I use in Sandbox?
A: Please find account ID for testing on API Management Console.
However there is no campaign data in the test account. You have to upload the data via API.

Q: Does Sandbox have default value?
A: No, you will have to upload the data, such as Campaigns, via API.

Q: Does Sandbox return the actual data in report?
A: No, the return value in Sandbox is dummy.

Q: How does Yahoo! JAPAN manage the Editorial review for Sandbox?
A: For specific data, we process with mocks.
Please confirm "Setting of Sandbox" in Sandbox page for details.

Q: Can I test with Application Account in Sandbox?
A: Yes, you can.
You can issue Application Account for Sandbox at Sandbox Information on API Management Console.

Q: Is there any restrictions for frequency of access?
A: Please confirm from Request Restriction page for details.

Q: Is Yahoo! JAPAN scheduled to provide Campaign Management Tool like functions for Sandbox?
A: No, we do not have the plan.

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