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Q: When is the AdTrackID issued?
A: AdTrackID from newly made ad will be received when the ad delivery starts.
AdTrackID will not be granted during the editorial review, so please confirm after the editorial review.

Q: In some cases, specific characters in the created campaign/ad group/ad titles(or names) are different from what I have submitted.
A: Some characters may be converted according to the Insertion Rules.

Q: How can I release campaign end date?
A: For Campaign object, please set "20371230" for the end date.

Q: Are IDs unique within an account?
A: IDs are unique within an account in principle.
However, we do not guarantee that and may change the rule.
We recommend you to create an ID by combining with each entity ID.

Q: If the campaign is different, can I create the same name of Ad Group as other Ad Group?
A: Yes, you can. Also, Campaign name has to be unique in an account.

Q: Is there any limit to the number on how many times we can change the Campaign name or Ad group name? Is there any limit for updates?
A: There is no limit on changing the Campaign names and Ad groups.

Q: Can I set the minimum bid?
A: No, you cannot.

Q: Can I set the bid for each mobile carrier?
A: No, you cannot.

Q: If I change the ad, would the Ad ID be changed?
A: Ad ID does not change if you change the URL, display URL, title and/or description of the current ad.
However, if you delete the ad once and create the same ad again, a new ID will be created.

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Q: Where can I check the bid in order to post my ads on the first page of search results?
A: The bid is shown as "FIRST_PAGE_BID_ESTIMATE" in the keyword report.
*"FIRST_PAGE_BID_ESTIMATE" is not set in the report field as default.

Q: Is Quality Index integral?
A: Quality Index is integral and is shown between 1 and 10.
Please refer to Quality Index on Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads Help page for details.

Q: Is there an upper limit for Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads or Keywords?
A: Please refer to Entities for Account, Campaign, Ad group on Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads Help page.

Q: Can I move keywords across entities?
A: No, you can not move keywords.

Q: How can I update keywords or negative keywords?
A: Keyword is not updatable.
You have to delete the keyword first, then add the keyword.
Please refer to API reference(GitHub) for updatable items.

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