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Changes in Advertisement Editorial Guidelines, "Medical cosmetics (quasi-drug), cosmetics"

Thank you for using Yahoo! JAPAN Ads.

With the revision of the voluntary guideline for proper advertising of
cosmetics, etc. by the Japan Cosmetic Industry Associations (JCIA) in
June 2020, we will update Yahoo! JAPAN Advertisement Editorial Guidelines
to adapt this revision.
See the following information for details.

1. Schedule:
 September 8, 2020 (Tue)

2. Details:
 2-1. Guideline to be applied:
  Chapter 6. Medical cosmetics (quasi-drug), cosmetics

 2-2. Changes:
  Since there are multiple revisions to the "Appropriate Advertising
  Guidelines including Cosmetics," the changes that have a particularly
  large impact are listed below.

  [Expression of excellence such as manufacturing method]
  You cannot use the maximum expression or any expression that may
  mislead you about its excellence when it comes to cosmetic
  manufacturing methods or research.
  (Examples of unavailable expression)
  • Best technology
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing methods
  • Ideal manufacturing method
  • It was possible because it was a pharmaceutical company
  • Technology of pharmaceutical companies

  [Expressions that include the word "feeling"]
  To emphasize the expressions of "feeling" is not allowed in the
  catchphrases and such for cosmetics, etc.
  The expression of "feeling" in cosmetics cannot be used because it
  guarantees the efficacy and guarantees the safety.
  (Examples of unavailable expression)
  • Feel smooth skin
  • You can feel the difference in your skin

  [Expression of "numerical value based on survey results"]
  When a numerical value is based on the survey results, such as
  "Satisfaction level xx%," it will not be allowed to be posted
  unless it is clearly stated that it is not a feeling of satisfaction
  regarding efficacy.
  (Examples of unavailable expression)
  Satisfaction with ease of use 93%

  See the following document for more details.
  Review standard changes on Editorial Guidelines (PDF)
  *English translation became available.

3. Remarks:
 *No changes on the text part of Advertisement Editorial Guidelines.

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