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YDN API V201907 system release

Document Number: APIE-FY19-1943

Dear customer,

Thank you for using Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads.

A release of new version of YDN API is planned.
Please see the following details.

Once again, thank you for using Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads.

1. Product:
 - YDN API Sandbox
 - YDN API Production

2. Version released:
 V201907 (WSDL version: V201907)

3. Schedule:
 Late July to early August, 2019
 * We will make another announcement once the schedule has been decided.

4. Overview:
 Following changes will be made to the new version.
 * This change is due to the YDN enhancement that is scheduled on the
  same day.
  Please see the following page for the detail of YDN enhancement.

 4-1. Enhancement on Dynamic Ads for Display
  Uploading Item list file of Dynamic Ads for Display will support
  debug mode. 
  Acquiring method of uploading, error incidence, date imported, etc.
  will become available.

 4-2. Aspect ratio for images and videos
  YDN API supports a new method of adding images and videos with
  aspect ratio on all available versions.
  The following changes will be made due to these enhancements.

  DictionaryService(V201907) :
  getMediaAdFormat will support acquiring a flag for aspect ratio
  compatibility, actual number of aspect ratio, maximum file size, etc.

 4-3. PC Brand Panel
  To support ad distribution "PC Brand Panel", YDN API will have
  following changes.
  - CampaignService (all available versions)
  This service will support get, add, update, or delete campaigns for
  "PC Brand Panel (Static Image)" and "PC Brand Panel (Video)".
  - AdGroupAdService(V201907):
  This service will support create, get, update, or delete Banner
  ad (video).
  * "PC Brand Panel" is available for specific advertisers.
  These advertisers have "PC Brand Panel (Static Image)" and
  "PC Brand Panel (Video)" in "Ad Distribution" when creating a

 4-4. Measurement indexes
  Measurement indexes used on Performance Report and Analytics will be
  added and changed.

 [Measurement change]
  The following indexes will be changed to client-side measurement.
  - Impressions
  - CTR
  * The data before June 30, 2019 will not be available.
  * The server-side measurement data can be checked with the indexes
  "Impressions (previous)" and "CTR (previous)".

 [Definition change]
  The definition of average CPV will be changed
  from "view cost÷the number of paid video views"
  to "view cost÷10 sec video views".
  * "10 sec video views" is same with "the number of paid video views".

 [New indexes]
  The following indexes will be added to YDN API.

JAENField names of Performance ReportField names of Analyticsdescription
インプレッション数(旧) Impressions (previous) IMPS_PREV impsPrev Impressions by server side measurement.
*Check the number of impressions before June 30, 2019 with this index.
クリック率(旧) CTR (previous) CLICK_RATE_PREV clickRatePrev Click through rate by server-side measurement.
*Check the number of impressions before June 30, 2019 with this index.
メジャードインプレッション数 Measured impressions MEASURED_IMPS measuredImps Impressions that can count viewable impressions by client-side measurement.
メジャードインプレッション測定率 Measured impression rate MEASURED_IMPS_RATE measuredImpsRate Measurement rate of measured impressions to impressions by client-side measurement.
ビューアブルインプレッション率 Viewable impression rate VIEWABLE_IMPS_RATE viewableImpsRate Impression rate that can count viewable impressions by client-side measurement.
ビューアブルクリック数 Viewable clicks VIEWABLE_CLICK viewableClicks Clicks for viewable impressions by client-side measurement.
ビューアブルクリック率 Viewable CTR VIEWABLE_CLICK_RATE viewableClickRate CTR for viewable impressions by client-side measurement.
動画の10秒再生数 10 sec video views VIDEO_VIEWS_TO_10_SEC videoViewsTo10Sec Number of video views for 10 seconds or more.
*This index is same with the number of paid video views.

 4-5. Changes on names related to some Adtype
  Due to renaming YDN ad types, some Enum names and Entity names will be
  changed as follows.
  * Previous name → New name

 [Enum name changes]

 [Entity name changes]
  - None → BannerImageAd
  - ResponsiveAd → ResponsiveImageAd
  - VideoAd → ResponsiveVideoAd

 These changes will be applied to the import template and operation history
 on all available YDN API versions after the release.
 Both previous and new names will be supported when importing with the

 4-6. Uploading animated GIF sunsets
  "Animation" field will sunset from getMediaAdFormat of DictionaryService
  due to the sunset of uploading animated GIF.

 4-7. Maintenance release
 [Report service integration]
  ReportService will be integrated with ReportDefinitionService. The report
  definition and report job will be created with ReportDefinitionService
  after the release.
  Learn about details on the following document.
  - Reference
  - Best practice

  Note that the definition of wsdl may be changed.
  Please confirm details after the release.

 [Discontinuation of periodic reports] (all available versions)
  For periodic reports created on and before V201806, intervalType will be
  changed to ONETIME.
  After this change, all periodic reports will not run.

 [LocationService sunsets]
  As previously announced in "A change on LocationService (Document Number:
  APIE-FY19-1934)", LocationService will sunset on V201907.
  More details are available on the following Developer Center page.

 4-8. Changes on names of feature and index
  Some feature name and index names will be changed.
  See the following page for details.

  Stats service will be renamed as follows due to this change.
  - totalClickCost → cost
  - avgClickCost → avgCpc

5. Remarks:
 More details will be available on the document released with the new version.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Yahoo! JAPAN API support team

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