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Sponsored Search API V201901 release completed

Document Number: APIE-FY18-2042

Dear customer,

Thank you for using Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads.

Sponsored Search API V201901 has been released, as previously announced in "Sponsored Search API V201901 release (Document Number: APIE-FY18-2010)". Please see below for details.

Once again, thank you for using Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads.

1. Product:
 -Sponsored Search API Sandbox
 -Sponsored Search API Production

2. Version released:
 V201901 (WSDL version: V201901)

3. Effective date:
 January 29, 2019 (Tue) JST

4. Overview

  • The "Labels"
    This feature will enable you to group and filter components such as campaigns and ads by setting up optional names to label them.
    It was released in September 2018 on the Campaign Management Tool.
    The new V201901 of Sponsored Search API provides the following functions.
    - Create a new label, update/delete labels
    - Setup labels to campaign and other components
    Please refer to the help page below for more details on labels.
    "What is Labels"  

  • Standard bidding and "Maximize Conversions"
    A new feature "Standard bidding" has been added to auto bidding on December 2018. The two bidding types below are available after the effective date. 
    - Standard bidding: New bidding type applied to campaign
    - Portfolio bidding: Existing bidding type created at account level and can be applied to multiple campaigns

    The new V201901 of Sponsored Search API provides the following functions.
    - CampaignService supports following Auto Bidding Types as for Standard Bidding
    - Maximize Clicks (TARGET_SPEND)
    - Target CPA (TARGET_CPA)
    - Target ROAS (TARGET_ROAS)
    "Maximize Conversions (ENHANCED_CPC)" was removed from Auto Bidding Type.
    See the following announcement to learn about items to be added and removed.
    "New feature in Sponsored Search auto bidding released"

  • Custom key on Site Retargeting
    "Custom Key" is now available to be set on the tag of Site Retargeting.
    By creating a Target List using Custom Key will enable more accurate Site Retargeting.
    * Although this feature name had been announced as "Custom Parameter"on the announcement of December 10, 2018, it is renamed to "Custom Key".
    The new V201901 of Sponsored Search API provides the following functions.
    - Custom Key will become available as one of the rules for Target list
    - Get setting information on Custom Key will become available 

    After the effective date, the system behavior on get/update Target List conditions are limited as follows when you have set one or more conditions of Custom Key on Target List on the version V201808 or before.
    - Acquiring all rules set on Target list will become unavailable
    - All rules of Target list which have already been set will be reset when updating. Only new or revised rules will become effective.
    Therefore the result of user operation may differ from the intended result on using Custom Key on the version V20108 or before.
    We strongly recommend you to use the new version after the effective date.

  • Ad quality improvement
    Sponsored Search is planning to carry out an attempt to raise advertisement quality with the restriction of trademark use by holder.
    On this Sponsored Search API V201901 a flag for trademark restriction and error codes have been implemented.
    * Creating ads with a restricted trademark will be validation error (on all available versions).
    *More details of this attempt will be announced later.

  • Auto Tagging  
    "Auto-tagging" will be released for conversion tracking on security enhanced browsers.
    On this Sponsored Search API V201901 refer/update settings on "Auto-tagging" has become available.
    *This feature will be available for limited users.

  • System updates  
    Removing unnecessary items and revising some part of WSDL were made as system updates. The following response in ad group's of Sponsored Search API were modified as informed on the announcement below on September 2018.  
    The new column "Behavior Type" which describes the behavior of each report field has been added to the list of report fields on the technical document (on all available versions).  
    See the following page for more information.  
    Release note 

    The API document of Sponsored Search API V201901 is available:
    API document

5. Closing schedule of Sponsored Search API V201805:
 Sponsored Search API V201805 will sunset as follows.
 -Deprecation Date : February 28, 2019 (Thu)
 -End of Life Date : May 29, 2019 (Wed)

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Yahoo! JAPAN API support team

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