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YDN feature enhancements (labeling feature and performance data)

Document Number: APIE-FY18-2036

Dear customer,

Thank you for using Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads.

A labeling feature will be added in Yahoo! JAPAN Display Ad Network (YDN) to help group and filter performance data of
campaigns and ads. Other enhancements will also be made including change in feature name and adding new indexes to performance data and reports. Please see below for details.

Once again, thank you for using Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads.

1. Product:
Yahoo! JAPAN Display Ad Network (YDN)

2. Service:
- Campaign Management Tool
- Campaign Editor
*The next version of YDN API will support changes other than Operation History. We will make another announcement once the schedule and details have been decided.

3. Schedule:
February 6, 2019 (Wed) JST
*Schedule may change without prior notice.

4. Overview:
4-1. Labeling feature
This feature will enable you to group and filter components such as campaigns and ads by setting up optional names to
label them. Efficiency in account management can be expected as filter and data analysis will be available by labels.
In addition to label names, descriptions and colors can also be set. It will be easier to distinguish the labeled components
on the Campaign Management Tool and Campaign Editor if you change colors by labels. Multiple labels can be set in bulk,
as well as setting up the same label to multiple components at once.

Components that can be labeled are below.
- Campaign
- Ad Group
- Ad

Labels are set to each component separately, and will not be reflected to the upper or lower components.
Example: Labeling campaigns
Adding a label to the campaign will have no effect to ad groups and ads under the campaign.

- Maximum number of labels per account is 1,000.
- "Label report" will be added as one of the performance reports.
- Using the import feature will enable adding and removing labels in bulk.
- A new item "Labels" will be added to the download file from the download feature.
- "Label" will be included in items "Entity" and "Item name" on the operation history for you to confirm any operations related to labels such as adding labels and setups.
*The change only on Operation History will be applied to all available YDN API versions.

4-2. Change in feature name
The name of the current "Labeling" feature in YDN site retargeting will change to "Custom Label" after the effective date.

- There will be no change in the variable name used to set up a label in the site retargeting tag (yahoo_retargeting_label).
- Please refer to the help page below for details on the "Custom Label" feature.

5. Change in performance data and reports:
5-1. New indexes
The following new indexes related to ROAS will be added in performance data and performance reports.
- Conv. Value /Cost
- All Conv. Value /Cost
- Conv. Value via ad click /Cost

5-2. Enhancements in performance data
The following changes will be made to the performance data to provide better data display.
- Revise the number of digits to display the decimal point of some performance data.
- Symbols such as "\" and "%" will be added.

6. Remarks:
- Campaign Editor
The latest version of the Campaign Editor will be required to use the new feature. Please run the update program that appears on the Campaign Editor after the effective date.
- Import feature
The latest import template will be required to use the new "Labeling" feature.

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