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Closing date decided for some YDN interest categories

Document Number: APIE-FY18-1994

Dear customer,

Thank you for using Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads.

The closing date has been decided for YDN interest categories
previously announced in "Closing some YDN interest categories
due to advertising data policy release (Document Number: MSCE-
FY18-1956)". Please see below for details.

Once again, thank you for using Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads.

1. Product:
Yahoo! JAPAN Display Ad Network (YDN)

2. Schedule:
December 12, 2018 (Wed) JST
*Schedule may change without prior notice.

3. Overview:
The following interest categories will be closing due to the
release of "Yahoo! JAPAN Advertising Data Policy".
After the effective date, all closing categories will become
unavailable including those already set in your campaigns. Please
confirm your campaign settings in advance.

Health Pharma: Health Pharma/Adult Disease
Health Pharma: Health Pharma/Adult Disease/Hypertensive Disease
Health Pharma: Health Pharma/Adult Disease/Obesity
Health Pharma: Health Pharma/Bones Joints and Muscles/Arthritis
Health Pharma: Health Pharma/Digestive System/Hemorrhoid
Health Pharma: Health Pharma/Infections and Parasites/Bacterial
Health Pharma: Health Pharma/Mens Health General
Health Pharma: Health Pharma/Womens Health General
Others: Law and Legal Research/adjustment of debts
Life Stage: Life Stage/Nursing Care *NEW

*The list of interest categories after the effective date is below.

4. Remarks:
- The closing categories cannot be used in new settings after the
effective date.
- If you currently have ads delivered to categories that are
subject to be deleted, those ads will not be delivered to the
specific categories after the effective date. When the number
of selected interest categories become 0 due to the closing,
display setting for the ad group will be turned "Off" and none
of your ads will be displayed regardless of the other targeting

5. Precautions on using the Campaign Editor:
After the effective date, download the latest data before using
the Campaign Editor. An error will occur if you try to upload
data including the closing categories.
Please refer to the help page below on how to download data.

Download data [Campaign Editor]

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Yahoo! JAPAN API support team

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