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YDN API V201812 release

Document Number: APIE-FY18-1987

Dear customer,

Thank you for using Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads.

A release of YDN API new version is planned as informed partially on
the previous announcement "Change in conversion tracking on YDN video
ads (Document Number: APIE-FY18-1970)" Please see below for details.

Once again, thank you for using Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads.

1. Product:
- YDN API Sandbox
- YDN API Production

2. Version released:
V201812 (WSDL version: V201812)

3. Schedule:
December 5, 2018 (Wed) JST
*Schedule may change without prior notice.

4. Overview:
Following changes are planned on the upcoming new version.

4-1. Tracking video conversions
Tracking the number of conversions occurred other than from ad
clicks after viewing video ads for more than 10 seconds in Yahoo!
JAPAN Display Ad Network (YDN) will become available.
Changes on the V201812 release are as follows.

(1) Change in conversion related indexes on performance data and reports
Following services will have changes in conversion related indexes.

(1)-1. The 'conversion' definition on conversion related indexes
currently available will be enhanced.
Conversions of users who visited the website from ad clicks.
Conversions of users who (a)visited the website from ad clicks or
(b)viewed the video ad for more than 10 seconds and then visited
the website other than by clicking on the ad.

*For videos less than 10 seconds, viewing the full ad will be worth
viewing 10 seconds.

<List of conversion related indexes to be effected>

field name
JA name EN name XML attribution
CONVERSIONS コンバージョン数  Conversions conversions
CONV_RATE コンバージョン率  Conversion Rate conversions
CONV_VALUE コンバージョンの価値  Conv. Value convValue
COST_PER_CONV コスト/コンバージョン数  Cost per Conversions costPerConv
VALUE_PER_CONV 価値/コンバージョン数  Value Per Conv. valuePerConv
ALL_CONV すべてのコンバージョン数  All Conv. allConv
ALL_CONV_RATE すべてのコンバージョン率  All Conv. Rate allConvRate
ALL_CONV_VALUE すべてのコンバージョンの価値  All Conv. Value allConvValue
COST_PER_ALL_CONV コスト/すべてのコンバージョン数  Cost Per All Conv. costPerAllConv
VALUE_PER_ALL_CONV 価値/すべてのコンバージョン数  Value Per All Conv. valuePerAllConv

(1)-2. New tracking indexes
- Counts of conversions by click on the ad before visiting the website
- Counts of conversions across devices

<List of new indexes>

field name JA name EN name XML attribution
CONVERSIONS_VIA_AD_CLICK コンバージョン数(広告のクリック経由)  Conversions (via Ad Click) conversionsViaAdClick
CONVERSION_RATE_VIA_AD_CLICK コンバージョン率(広告のクリック経由)  Conversion Rate (via Ad Click) conversionRateViaAdClick
CONV_VALUE_VIA_AD_CLICK コンバージョンの価値(広告のクリック経由)  Conv. Value (via Ad Click) convValueViaAdClick
COST_PER_CONV_VIA_AD_CLICK コスト/コンバージョン数(広告のクリック経由)  Cost per Conversions (via Ad Click) costPerConvViaAdClick
VALUE_PER_CONV_VIA_AD_CLICK 価値/コンバージョン数(広告のクリック経由)  Value Per Conv. (via Ad Click) valuePerConvViaAdClick
CROSS_DEVICE_CONVERSIONS デバイスをまたいだコンバージョン数 Conversions across devices crossDeviceConversions


(2) Adding Video Beacon URL related items
New items related to Video Beacon URL to measure video conversions
will be available on AdGroupService.
The indexes will also be added to the download file of
AuditLogService and BulkService.
*All API versions will have impact of this change on download file.

<Items to be added>  - The symbol '(*) on 'note' column means 'to be added to AdGroupAdService only'.

field name JA description EN description note
videoStartBeaconUrls 再生開始ビーコンURL Viewing beacon URL (start)
isRemoveVideoStartBeaconUrls 再生開始ビーコンURLの削除 Remove Viewing beacon URL (start) *
video3SecBeaconUrls 3秒視聴ビーコンURL Viewing beacon URL (3 seconds)
isRemoveVideo3SecBeaconUrls 3秒視聴ビーコンURLの削除 Remove Viewing beacon URL (3 seconds) *
videoPaidBeaconUrls 課金視聴ビーコンURL Viewing Beacon URL (paid)
isRemoveVideoPaidBeaconUrls 課金視聴ビーコンURLの削除 Remove Viewing Beacon URL (paid) *
videoCompleteBeaconUrls 再生完了ビーコンURL Viewing beacon URL (complete)
isRemoveVideoCompleteBeaconUrls 再生完了ビーコンURLの削除 Remove Viewing beacon URL (complete) *

(3) New item to conversion tag setting
A new index 'measurementPeriodView' to specify the tracking period
from video view to conversion will be added to
The tracking period can be set within 1 - 30 days.
The index will also be added to download file of AuditLogService.

*All API versions will have impact of this change on download file.

4-2. Search targeting enhancement
The following changes will be made on Search Targeting.

(1) Following changes on SearchKeywordIdeaService request.
- Keywords and keywordsIds will become optional and specifying
both at once will be unavailable.
- The upper limit of keywords will be changed from 100 to 200.
- The distinction of half-width and full-width space characters
will be eliminated.
- Following items will be added.
sortField (sort field)
sortType (sort type)
matchType (match type)

(2) Adding 'releaseDate' (the date keyword added) on the response of

4-3. System updates
Old report items will be eliminated from ReportDefinitionService
and ReportService for system maintenance purpose.

5. Precautions:
Video ads are available only for limited advertisers.
If you wish for video ads, please contact our sales staff.

6. Sunset schedule of YDN API V201806:
YDN API V201806 sunset is scheduled as follows.
-Deprecation Date : January 15, 2019 (Tue)
-End of Life Date : April 15, 2019 (Mon)

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Yahoo! JAPAN API support team

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