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YDN API Ver.6.1.0 Sunset

Document Number: APIE-FY18-1976

Dear customer,

Thank you for using Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads.

YDN API Ver.6.1.0 has sunset, as previously announced in "YDN API
V201809 release completed (Document Number: APIE-FY18-1959)".
Please see below for details.

Once again, thank you for using Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads.

1. Product:

2. Versions to be effected:

3. Overview:
YDN API Ver.6.1.0 has sunset on October 19, 2018 (Fri) JST.
* End-of-life date is scheduled on January 18, 2019 (Fri) JST.

4. Remarks:
-The release schedule for each version of YDN API are available
on the Github document page below.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

Yahoo! JAPAN API support team

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