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Change in conversion tracking on YDN video ads

Document Number: APIE-FY18-1970

Dear customer,

Thank you for using Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads.

Tracking conversions occurred other than from ad clicks after
viewing video ads in Yahoo! JAPAN Display Ad Network (YDN) will
become available.  Feature enhancements will be made due to this
change such as change in conversion related indexes.  Please see
below for the details.

Once again, thank you for using Yahoo! JAPAN Promotional Ads.

1. Product:
Yahoo! JAPAN Display Ad Network (YDN)

2. Versions to be effected:
Versions after V201812 : the version to be released with the change
mentioned in this email

Early December 2018
*We will make another announcement once the date has been decided.

4. Overview:
Tracking conversions of users who have viewed the video ad for
more than 10 seconds and converted without clicking on the ad
will be available in YDN.  This will enable advertisers to count
conversions of users who viewed the video ad but did not click
on the ad.
Due to this change, feature enhancements such as change in
conversion related indexes will be made.

■Change in conversion related indexes on performance data and
-Conversion related indexes acquired by ConversionTrackerService,
ReportService and StatsService will be revised as follows.

(1) The definition of conversions will expand for existing indexes.
Conversions of users who visited the website from ad clicks
Conversions of users who (a)visited the website from
ad clicks or (b)viewed the video ad for more than
10 seconds and then visited the website other than
by clicking on the ad
*For videos less than 10 seconds, viewing the full
ad will be worth viewing 10 seconds.

Indexes to be changed:

field name JP EN
CONVERSIONS コンバージョン数 Conversions
CONV_RATE コンバージョン率 Conv. Rate
CONV_VALUE コンバージョンの価値 Conv. Value
COST_PER_CONV コスト/コンバージョン数 Cost Per Conv.
VALUE_PER_CONV 価値/コンバージョン数 Value Per Conv.
ALL_CONV すべてのコンバージョン数 All Conv.
ALL_CONV_RATE すべてのコンバージョン率 All Conv. Rate
ALL_CONV_VALUE すべてのコンバージョンの価値 All Conv. Value
COST_PER_ALL_CONV コスト/すべてのコンバージョン数 Cost Per All Conv.
VALUE_PER_ALL_CONV 価値/すべてのコンバージョン数 Value Per All Conv.

(2) A new index will be added to count conversions only by users
who visited the website from ad clicks, and index for conversions
across devices.

Conversion related indexes to be added:

field name JP EN
CONVERSIONS_VIA_AD_CLICK コンバージョン数(広告のクリック経由) Conversions via ad click
CONVERSION_RATE_VIA_AD_CLICK コンバージョン率(広告のクリック経由) Conversion Rate via ad click
CONV_VALUE_VIA_AD_CLICK コンバージョン(広告のクリック経由)の価値 Conv. Value via ad click
COST_PER_CONV_VIA_AD_CLICK コスト/コンバージョン数(広告のクリック経由) Cost Per Conv. via ad click
VALUE_PER_CONV_VIA_AD_CLICK 価値/コンバージョン数(広告のクリック経由) Value Per Conv. via ad click
CROSS_DEVICE_CONVERSIONS デバイスをまたいだコンバージョン数 Conversions across devices

(3) Old indexes which have already been migrated to the new indexes
will be deleted.

Closing indexes:

field name JP EN
CONVERSION_OLD コンバージョン数(旧) Conversions (old)
CONVERSION_RATE_OLD コンバージョン率(旧) Conversion Rate (old)
CONV_VALUE_OLD コンバージョンの価値(旧) Conv. Value (old)
CPA_OLD コスト/コンバージョン数(旧) Cost per Conversions (old)
VALUE_PER_CONV_OLD 価値/コンバージョン数(旧) Value / Conversions (old)
REVENUE_OLD 合計売上金額(旧) Revenue (old)
REVENUE_CONVERSION_OLD 売上/コンバージョン数(旧) Revenue per Conversions (old)
REVENUE 合計売上金額 Total Rev.
REVENUE_PER_CONV 売上/コンバージョン数 Revenue per Conversions
VIDEO_VIEWED_RATE 動画の再生率 Video Viewed Rate
VIDEO_PLAYS 動画が再生開始された回数 Video Plays
AUTO_VIDEO_PLAYS 動画の自動再生数 Auto Video Plays
CLICK_VIDEO_PLAYS クリックによる動画再生数 Click Video Plays

■New item to conversion tag setting
-A new item will be added to enable setting up a tracking period
from video view to conversion date.  The tracking period can be
set within 1 - 30 days.

5. Remarks:
-This change will be released as YDN API V201812.
We will make another announcement on details of V201812.
-The items mentioned in Overview (1) , the conversions of post video
view will not be included to the reports downloaded with previous
versions of V201809.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Yahoo! JAPAN API support team

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